The Blue Lounge at LIS

When one enters, the colour blue seems overwhelming. But then blue is overtaken by the soothing effect of the prevailing white. These two colours are actually those of the lounge’s mother company: the handling agent Groundforce.

Located near gates 7 to 13, in the Schegen departures area, the Blue Lounge also opened its doors about a year ago. It is open to some of the airlines handled by Groundforce (such as CO, IB, S4, or MS) as well as to TAP Victoria Silver cardholders and to TAP Visa Gold and Victoria HSBC MasterCard cardholders. It is a Priority Pass lounge as well. One can also access it by paying a fee of €30 (unless one makes a reservation in advance, in which case the fee to be paid is of €24).

Although the lounge isn’t huge, it’s still split into two areas: one to the left and another to the right of the welcome desk. To the right, there is a large seating area, a couple of desktops and at the end the restrooms (no showers). To the left, there is a small seating area, a couple of desktops again and a business centre.

The seating areas comprise white leather-like couches and benches organised in semi-private areas. It has a modern yet not very distinctive look.

The working area only has a couple of desktops with internet connection and high stools. There is no free wireless throughout the lounge, but wi-fi is available. The business centre has a meeting room, which is a plus. A fax machine is also at the disposal of the pax.

There are thematic black and white pictures of aircrafts being handled by Groundforce throughout the lounge, where its logo is the only coloured element. There are also a couple of spread out television sets, some with the departures, others with television shows.

In both areas, there are bars with snacks (peanuts, chips, crackers, cookies), mini-sandwiches (cheese and/or ham) and other savoury bits and pieces (such as mini-chicken pies, chicken samosas or meat croquettes) and typical Portuguese pastry. If the quality and diversity of the food are acceptable, there aren’t that many items available, which means that if the lounge is crowded, it’s likely that the food will disappear fast. In terms of beverages, there is an espresso machine, water, ice teas, sodas, as well as the usual spirits: wine (limited choice, though), gin, whisky, martini, etc. There are small bottles and/or cans of water or refreshments which, together with a couple of packaged snacks, one can take to the aircraft.

There is a limited selection of national and international newspapers and magazines, but – and this is a big ‘but’, at least for me – one cannot carry them along: they must be left at the lounge.

All in all, with a convenient location, this lounge provides seating, food, drinks, a couple of desktops connected to the world wide web and reading (at least for the time of the stay). It’s certainly a good enough lounge.

Final evaluation
Location [2]: 9
Overall ambiance [1]: 6
Seating areas [2]: 7
Resting areas [0,5]: 0
Working areas [0,5]: 5
Internet access [2]: 5
Newspapers and magazines [1,5]: 4
Food [3]: 5
Beverages [2]: 7
Toilets [0,5]: 6
Showers [1,5]: 0
Massage and other amenities [0,5]: 0
Lounge agents [1]: 8

Weighed overall impression: 5,36

Note: I visited this lounge twice in 2009, always during the early morning.


~ by Tiago on January 13, 2010.

One Response to “The Blue Lounge at LIS”

  1. Visited this lounge yesterday. Now looking very tired, seats grubby, food selection poor and very few power points for phone recharging.
    We may have been unlucky, but our TAP flight went from gate 47 which is just about the opposite end of the airport

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