The Lisbon Lounge at LIS

Operated by handling agent Portway, this lounge serves LX, SN, TK, AY, IB, EI, US, VR or DT pax, as well as Priority Pass. It is located in the foodcourt, within short walking distance of all gates.

There are plenty of seating areas scattered throughout the 400m2 lounge: some of them with chairs around tables, some other with brown, red and yellow leather-like couches around small coffee tables. They are comfy enough and provide lots of seating space, with enough privacy.

There is also a small working area with desktops connected to the internet, which is more or less separated from the rest of the lounge. The downsides are that there is actually no working space (the desks are taken by the keyboards and monitors) and there is no free wireless in the lounge (just a wi-fi hotspot).

The overall ambiance of the lounge is quite pleasant: the ceilings are wooden, the lighting is adequate and, through an agreement with an art gallery (Galeria 111), the lounge also features several paintings of Portuguese artists. The idea is very good and I quite fancy most of them – except the huge “Pare” (which means “Stop” in Portuguese) sign.

The food is available in two areas. The offer is very good: apart from some packed items that one can carry to the aircraft (chips, cookies, crackers, peanuts, nuts, or cashews), it also includes fresh sandwiches of very good quality, some miniature pastry items and apples. Although not as comprehensive as TP’s Premium Lounge, the proposed food is certainly superior. In terms of beverages, there are plenty of juices, sodas, spirits, and a coffee machine (I’m not sure if it offers true espressos, though).

Newspapers and magazines are also provided, but with the same limitation: one cannot carry them away.

The restrooms are very nice and there is a dedicated one for handicapped pax. Whoever made the project of the lounge also paid attention to the restrooms décor, which gives a nice touch. There is no shower either.

The lounge agents seemed to be the nicest and most attentive of all four lounges.

Final evaluation
Location [2]: 10
Overall ambiance [1]: 7
Seating areas [2]: 7
Resting areas [0,5]: 0
Working areas [0,5]: 6
Internet access [2]: 5
Newspapers and magazines [1,5]: 6
Food [3]: 7
Beverages [2]: 9
Restrooms [0,5]: 10
Showers [1,5]: 0
Massage and other amenities [0,5]: 0
Lounge agents [1]: 9

Weighed overall impression: 6,44

Note: I visited this lounge three times in 2009, always during the late morning.


~ by Tiago on March 21, 2010.

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